StillComingTogether-The Best of Act IV 2001
Download all 15 tracks from StillComingTogether below
(All files are 128 kbps, 44 khz mp3s). The digital edition of the StillComingTogether compilation is generously hosted by Laurence Skegg on behalf of Act IV:

01. Robyn del Rosario-"Age of Innocence"
02. Robyn del Rosario-"Once Upon A Time"
03. Lindsey Kuper-"If There Is A God"
04. Lindsey Kuper-"Thru The Eyes of Ruby"
05. Christophe Thibault-"Moleasskiss/Blue"
06. Christophe Thibault-"Frail and Bedazzled"
07. Lost Logic-"Glass and the Ghost Children"
08. Lost Logic-"Crush"
09. D'arcy (the band)-"Zero"
10. D'arcy (the band)-"Eye"
11. Ketamine-"Disarm"
12. Ketamine-"Stay" (early version)
13. [billy's speech]
14. Kill Hannah-"Stand Inside Your Love"
15. Kill Hannah-"Ten More Minutes with You"

-More audio from Act IV 2001 can be found here and here.
Release Info
Release Date: July 5, 2002
Origin: USA
Pressing Info: Limited Edition of 200 copies, all hand-numbered.

Production Info: Produced by Steven Pukin. Co-Produced by Will Blomquist. Mastered by Christophe Thibault.
-Art design by Steven Pukin. Cover and liner art, inspired by artwork for The Smashing Pumpkins' bonus EP, Still Becoming Apart.
-Photos by Irene Tien, Steven Pukin, Nate Jurgensen, and Jason Hedrick.
-Recorded by Dave Corkle (Mini-Disc) and Metro Staff (DAT) on July 7, 2001 @ Metro in Chicago, Illinois

Additional Notes: A best of live compilation of selected tracks from the first Act IV concert. StillComingTogether was sold as a companion CD at the second Act IV show at the Metro in Chicago.
-The decision to make a best of CD resulted from lack of a complete audio source. Much of the show was not recorded on DAT due to some sort of error in the soundboard, DAT or by the Metro satff monitoring it. There were also skips in many songs on the Mini-Disc recording. To obtain the best possible recording, the existing recordings were merged when possible.
-Track 13 features Billy Corgan's surprise appearance at the show. All songs by Billy Corgan except track 15 by Mat Devine and track 12 by Shannon Mackenzie and Jason Every.
-The title of the compilation is inspired by The Smashing Pumpkins' bonus EP, Still Becoming Apart, just as the artwork was.
Purchase Info
Price: Suggested donation is $5-10 for downloading the CD in part or in it's entirety. All proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois! Free Web Stats in real-time !