Act IV Profiles- UnderWeb Effect
UnderWeb Effect was the first band from Canada to ever submit
demos for Act IV, which they did in late 2001. The band's original
roots go back to the electronic rock project of the same name
started by Travis Clark in 1992. Occassionally, he employed the
help of other great musicians but it wasn't until 2001 that a live
band came to fruition. Though an extremely talented band,
making it as far as the shortlist, UnderWeb Effect was originally
not chosen for the Act IV 2002 final bandlist. But after a twist of
fate, when Brazil's Gloomy Art Rawk and Chicago's Brain Rakes
had to pull out of the show at the eleventh hour, the band found
themselves on their way to Chicago. UnderWeb Effect's set ended
up being a crowd favorite, even eliciting questions of why they
weren't chosen to be in the headlining spot, despite the fact that
they had never played the show beforehand. Their set included
many highlights, including their covers of "Bodies", "Tear", and
"Geek USA" (which the band transformed into a medley of SP
songs). Here is the original bio for UnderWeb Effect from the Act
IV 2002 playbill:

"UnderWeb Effect, based out of Vancouver, B.C., is a four-piece
alternative rock group that is constantly looking to push the
boundaries of mainstream rock sensibilities. Formed in September
of 2001, the members of UnderWeb Effect clicked immediately
and their unique blend of haunting, aggressive, and spaced-out
mellow musical styles was born. In the relatively short time the
quartet has been together they have honed their craft as energetic
showmen into a tight, cohesive musical unit.

All four of the musicians who comprise UnderWeb Effect have over
a decade of experience on their respective instruments, and each
brings his own interpretation and input to every song the band
plays. From the day the band first played together it was
apparent that the musical chemistry between the four members
was instantaneous and electrifying.

The immediate future promises to be one of high-energy shows
and great opportunties for UnderWeb Effect. With a recently self-
released EP in hand, UnderWeb Effect is determined to have their
music heard and to leave their imprint on the world's musical
stage. So keep your ear to the ground...because the UnderWeb
Effect is on its way.

Travis Clark-Guitar, Synths, Vocals
Colin Brown - Drums
Aaron Clark - Guitar
Matt MacDougall - Bass

Pretty wide ranging as each of the band members listens to their
own style of music in their free time. Anything from Radiohead,
Tool, The Smashing Pumpkins, Dave Matthews Band, The
Beatles, Tea Party, Genesis, REM,etc.

Special Thanks:
To everyone who has stood by us, either as individuals or as a
band, and who continue to support us in all our endeavours. And
a special thanks to the immensely long list of musicians who have
inspired us to create music and to pursue our passion of music
as a career.

Message to the Ghost Children:
Smashing Pumpkins fans have got to be the most devoted and
fanatical fans that we have ever came across. It's that enthusiasm
and devotion makes rock music what it is, and gives rock music
its meaning. So, thanks for that, and may you continue to love
and appreciate all types of music until the end of your days (and
beyond). As a wise, tall, bald man once screamed at all of us from
his perch up on the stage: "Hey kids, rock and roll, you gotta rock
on". So...rock on."
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Act IV 2002, the band would go under a few names changes, from UnderWeb Effect to The Effect, then finally,
Frequency Fall. Through the course of 2002, Matt MacDougall
and Colin Brown left the band. However, Colin appears on their
debut album, Resensitize, which was released in 2003. With
With a new lineup, and a new name, the band also submitted
for Act IV 2003, making the concert that never was in the
the process. In 2004, the band also released a new EP,
Volition. Then in 2006, Frequency Fall's cover of "Saturnine"
was put on the Ghost Children/friends and enemies compilation.
Fans of Frequency Fall are still awaiting their final album,
,Everything Now. You can hear two preview tracks from that
album, "Relapse" and "The Rats Have Won" on their myspace.

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