Act IV Profiles- Straylight
In the spring of 2002, it looked like Straylight would become one
of the many bands who got to the shortlist but never made the final
show. Lucky for the band, a couple of bands dropped out of the
show due to unforseen circumstances, Chicago's Brain Rakes
(who as far as I know no one has heard from since), and Ghost
contributer, Gloomy Art Rawk (Brazil). After losing a
band member to injury, Straylight would not be stopped from
taking the stage at Metro that summer. With a string of originals,
and tight renditions of "Whir", and "Zero", the band expanded
their audience beyond Colorado.

"Straylight is from Boulder, CO and began their adventure two
years ago. Since then they have played shows in the Boulder
/Denver area and self-produced and published a blue jewel of a full
-length album. Since Colorado is a land-locked state, the band is
able to abstain from a great deal of boating and dedicate their time
to music.

Band Lineup:
Keenan Crane-guitars and vocals
Chris Stibrany-drums
Tom Zucowski-Bass

Musical influences: STP's Tiny Music type music and Porno for
Pyros' God's Good Urge (anything somewhat reminiscent of
Jungle Madness or Space Madness), as well as a little Radiohead
here and a little popular contemporary generally respected slightly
experimental rock band there.

Special Thanks: Keenan: To my Mom for doing my Dad, and to
Justin for you know what.

To the "ghost children": Get out the basement and grow up a little,
you're looking quite pale. Bed sheets aren't that scary
Since Tom was injured, Straylight enlisted Jack La on bass, and
Danny Quinlan as an additional guitarist for Act IV 2002.

Straylight broke up about a few years ago since Keenan went off
to school in Illinois. Chris currently still resides in Boulder, CO.
After a stint drumming for a band there called Francophone, he is
now working on an experimental electronica solo project.

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"Blue" performed live by Straylight at Act IV 2002

"Marquis in Spades" performed live by Straylight at Act IV 2002

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