Act IV Profiles- Semi-Automatic Love Slave
Following Act IV 2001, Nick Ehrhardt's band, D'arcy disbanded.
One of the bands that temporarily resulted from the split was
Semi-Automatic Love Slave. With a completely new band, Nick
proved he could still rock Metro, with help from his talented
bandmmates. Leading off the 2nd Act IV, Semi-Automatic Love
Slave began the show with a bang, with highlights like "Medellia
of the Grey Skies" and "Age of Innocence".

Here is the band's bio from the Act IV 2002 playbill:

Semi-Automatic Love Slave is a four-piece outfit that hail from the
Northwest- Indiana/Chicagoland area. Their musical tastes vary
from classic rock, alternative, experimental to indie rock, and, of
course, are unanimously influenced by The Smashing Pumpkins

Band Lineup:
Kristin Hanson - vocals
Nick Ehrhardt - guitar / vocals
Brad Ehrhardt - bass and guitar
Adam Hazlett - drums / percussion

Special thanks:
We pay tribute to The Smashing Pumpkins through our
interpretations of their songs and would like to wish everyone
attending Act 4, a great show. Thanks to our families and friends
for their support, the Act 4 and Metro staff for making this a reality,
and last but not least, the fans for their loyal support to both The
Smashing Pumpkins and everyone here at Act 4, in both past
and present
After the brief reformation of D'arcy, under the name Mercury Dime
in 2003, the band disbanded again. Despite this, the band made
the shortlist for the show that never happened, due to lack of a
headliner. Brad Ehrhardt also submitted for the concert with his
band, Bleeding Eyes, but they fell short of the shortlist. Since then,Brad has been at work on a number of musical projects, and now is focusing on developing solo material. Meanwhile, Nick and
former Semi-Automatic Love Slave drummer, Adam Hazlett have
briefly worked together again with their band, RedHead. Recently,
Nick has moved to Louisville, KY.

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"Tonight, Tonight" performed live by Semi-Auotmatic Love Slave at Act IV 2002

"Medellia of the Grey Skies" performed live by Semi-Auotmatic Love Slave at Act IV 2002

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