Act IV Profiles- Robyn Del Rosario
Robyn and her band played the opening acoustic set of the
inaugural Act IV in 2001. Originally slated as a solo acoustic
performer, Robyn put together a band made up a Chicago area
musicians within 48 hours of show time. They are the only band
to accomplish this feat, and this would probably earn them a
place in the Guiness Book of World Records. The highlights of
Robyn's set include "Once Upon a Time" and "Age of Innocence".
Another memorable moment came when their rendition of
"Daydream" was abruptly cut short due to a lighting mistake by
the Metro staff (not by the Act IV organizers, as some spectators
speculated). Here is a slightly modified version of the original bio
for Robyn Del Rosario from the Act IV 2001 playbill:

The Smashing Pumpkins! There are plenty of bands that have
influenced Robyn but all credit goes to The Smashing Pumpkins
and their guidance. They influenced Robyn to pick up a guitar
7 years ago at the age of 14 and express herself in unimaginitive
ways. And until this day, she has been grateful for their presence
as the best expressionists in the music industry.

*Shout outs:
First off, I would like to thank everyone involved in making Act 4
come to life-especially Steven/David and the Metro staff for their
hard work and dedication to make this dream come true. Secondly,
I would like to thank my family and friends-especially Ryan Christo
who has stuck by my side as a best friend and a musical
colleague. Thank you guys for the comfort...without your support
where would I be?.

And finally, I would like to send out my love to The Smashing
Pumpkins fellow friends from all over the world...
This performance is for you guys! But unforgotten and most
importantly, my love and devotion is sent to The Smashing
Pumpkins who have helped make me the person I am today.

The 7 years of this voyage has been quite spiritual and emotional.
Who would've thought that I'd be performing in front of my fellow
Pumpkins fans, not as a regular audience member but as a
performer, at the infamous Metro, and on the same stage as they
once started and ended?!

Personally, it's a dream come true. Words cannot express the
feelings I have for them...all I know is that its pure love and this is
the only understanding I have of it. It's all for you Billy, James,
Jimmy, and D'arcyt (and not forgetting Madame Melissa). What
goes down on the night of Act 4 is dedicated to the power of
music and what The Smashing Pumpkins have contributed to our
hearts, souls, and minds. I miss you Pumpkins...and I love you
from the depths within my heart and soul.

Robyn Del Rosario* 2001

Robyn Del Rosario-Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Stacey Hankins-Tambourine
Catherine M.-Bass, Harmony Vocals, and Vocals on
Frank Quinto-Guitar
Jerry Wasik-Drums and Keyboards"
In 2002, Robyn, Stacey Hankins and Tempered Souls (made up
of Cathy, Frank and Jerry from Robyn's band in 2001) all submitted
demos separately for Act IV 2002. Unfortunately, none of them
made the final cut due to tough competition. However, Stacey
became a part of the video crew for the 2nd installment of the
concert. Also, Stacey made the shortlist for the ill-fated Act IV

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