Act IV Profiles- Rob Paterson
In 2002, Rob Paterson emerged out of his band, Lost Logic, and
played a very different brand of rock music. From the first notes,
of "To Sheila", it was undeniable that his set would be one of the
most original takes on the Pumpkins' music. Armed with pedals,
and a new guitar, Rob looped and recorded guitar parts live, and
had the presence of a full band on stage. Here is Rob's bio from
the Act IV 2002 playbill:

"At 20 years of age Rob Paterson has an extensive performing
background as singer/songwriter and as the lead vocalist/guitarist
in the band, Lost Logic.

He has performed at many venues and events, including: Cornell
University, Ithaca College, SUNY Stony Brook, Castaways, ABC
Cafe, The Village Pub, Starbucks, and the Cabaret Metro of
Chicago in a tribute concert to the Smashing Pumpkins in July '01.
Rob is also on "The Ghost Children," a tribute album to the
Smashing Pumpkins. As a solo singer/songwriter, Rob Paterson
incorporates a variety of elements into his performance to enhance
the listener's experience, such as live sampling, percussion, and
ambient noise.

You can contact rob via email at at

Influences: The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley
Sigur Ros, Remy Zero, Nirvana, A Perfect Circle, Tool, U2, VAST,
Coldplay, Howie Day, Ours.

Special thanks: My family for their undying support, Matt and Jeff
(2/3 of the Best Band EVER), Steven and David Pukin, the
Metro staff, and all the musicians that have inspired me along the
For 2 years, Rob Paterson had relocated to the Washington, D.C.
area. But in July 2006, he returned to his old stomping grounds
in Stony Brook (Long Island), NY. Currently he is active in the NY
imusic scene, doing frequent dj sets at places like The Velvet
Lounge. He is also involved in an experimental band called
Multiple Mono. Those familiar with his first performance at Act IV
2001 will recognize one of the names. One of his bandmates from
Lost Logic, Matt Abramo, is the bassist for his new project,
Multiple Mono!

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"To Sheila" performed live by Rob Paterson at Act IV 2002

"Eye" performed live by Rob Paterson at Act IV 2002

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