Act IV 2003 Shortlist Profiles- The Phoenix Rising
Gary, IN. In the past Gary Indiana was best remembered for being the
birthplace of the Jackson Five. Presently the city in nortoriously known
as the 'murder capital of the world'. In the future it will be redefined as
the resurrection site of rawk! The men and woman of THE PHOENIX
RISING have taken it upon themselves to spread the word of rawk in
the hopes of saving innocent victims lives. How can sound waves save
your life? Well I'm glad you finally asked. Well, first we attack the
assailant with an onslaught of eighth notes that are designed to leave
him feel like a deer in headlights. Once the melodic overtones become
apparent, your attackers' panic state will turn into complacency, giving
you a chance to use shin to groin combat, the girl at the bar was kind
enough to demonstrate on you the night before. While your would-be
assassin is reeling on the ground in agony, the drum beat falls out and
is replaced by intricately fashioned guitar lines that lull the masked
marauder to sleep, giving you the opportuntity to contact the proper

In addition to being protectors of the peace, the crime fighting quartet
that comprises THE PHOENIX RISING will be making appearances
on several upcoming compilations. One of which will feature the likes
of, Taking Back Sunday, Finch, the Used, A Static Lullaby, the
Movielife, Senses Fail, plus a great number of other fine bands. THE
PHOENIX RISING's debut EP will be released on Action Heights
Records in late May. A full length will follow in the fall of 2003. Plans
for the future include touring until our walkers and canes prevent us
from jumping off the amplifiers (and fighting crime).

Contact: Kris at
Or 1.219.763.4599

Selected songs for download:

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