Act IV Profiles- Neil Main with Glider
After producing the Ghost Children tribute cd in 2001, Neil Main
submitted demos for Act IV 2002. Once chosen for the final
bandlist, Neil had to go to Chicago without his bandmates from
Icarus, so he called on Chicago's very own Glider to help him
out. Glider had submitted demos for the concert but narrowly
missed the cut for the shortlist. The band included two Act IV
staff alumni, Zach LaBomascus, and Nathan Jorgensen. Adding
another guitarist, a bassist, and keyboardist, the newly formed
collaboration made their impact on the Metro stage. Highlights
included Neil's own "Love Is", and the SP fan favorite, "Let Me
Give the World to You".

Here is the band's bio from the Act IV 2002 playbill:

Band Lineup:
Neil Main- Lead Vox, Guitars
Zach LaBomascus- Guitars, Backing Vox
Nate Jurgenson- Drums, Percussion
Ty Partridge- Guitars
Appearing by Courtesy:
Paul Chivari- Bass
Chris Debrizzio- Piano, Synth

Born and residing in England, Neil Main writes for his upcoming
band, Icarus. A widespread taste in music gives him the
inspiration and the influence he needs to create dramatic, soulful
songs in his acoustic, lowkey style. He is writing his first full
length cd, Redux. Neil participated last year by devising and
selling the fan tribute album, Ghost Children.

Glider hails from the vast Chicago suburbs, born of Zach
LaBomascus as an outlet for some different musical ideas. Soon,
Ty Patridge and Nathan Jurgenson joined to create the unique
Glider sound upon which they thrive. Neil asked Glider to appear
alongside him on this monumental performance at the Metro.

Thanks: Neil: my family, to whom their is no end of thanks, S+D,
Biffa, Riley, Gordo, and Boon for all their musical support (and
those I haven't listed) and all of you for making the show what it

Glider: The Pukins, Families, Jared O., Fergan, Stefan P. The
Brothers Drake, Christina L., Beth K., Kev, Hyser, Absil, Jesse Y.,
John at T.R.S., Nameless, Colin K., and Vinny.
"Let Me Give the World To You" performed live by Neil Main with Glider at Act IV 2002

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