Act IV 2003 Shortlist Profiles- Mercury Dime
Fate. Luck. The divine machinations of a higher power. Things
happen for a reason, no matter what the driving force behind it might
be. Such is the case with the Mercury Dime. Formed five years ago
in the Spring of 1999 as the band D'arcy, this tight knit group of
friends has slowly been carving a niche for itself in the Chicago area
hard rock scene, by sticking true to their roots; basic and simple
hard rock.

Drawing upon the influences of groups as Radiohead, Hum, and of
course, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nick Ehrhardt (Guitar & vocals),
Steven Newman (Guitar), Jason Summerhill (Drums), and Jason
Sawyer (Bass) have been able to create music that is unburdened
by the trivialities of gimmicks and pointless messages.

In the summer of 2001, as D'arcy, the band took the stage at Act IV
to pay tribute to The Smashing Pumpkins; the band that perhaps
best summed up what it is they have sought to achieve, Rock Music
in it's most beautiful form. During a break from the rigors of pursuing
the dream, Nick formed Semi-Automatic Love Slave. With SALS,
Nick once again took the stage at Metro for the second installment
of Act IV last summer. This year the band as a whole seeks to
complete the trifecta and rock out for the Pumpkins one last time.

The Mercury Dime would like to thank the staff at Act IV for making
this all happen and the tremendous opportunties they have presented
the last few years. The band would also like to extend special thanks
to the former members of The Smashing Pumpkins for their endless
influence, and for keeping rock alive + beautiful.

Selected songs for download:
"Where Boys Fear To Tread"
Bonus mp3: "I Am One" (live at Act IV 2001)-listed as D'arcy
For more music from Mercury Dime, check out Still Coming Together
:The Best of Act IV 2001

UPDATE: Mercury Dime has since disbanded. Nick was briefly the lead
singer of a band called Red Head. All the former members have moved
onto other things.

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