Act IV Profiles- Lost Logic
This three piece opened up the electric set for the first Act IV in
2001. The best of their performance was undoubtedly their covers
of "Glass + The Ghost Children" (which they also recorded for
the Act IV 2001 demos and later on, the Ghost Children CD) and
"Crush". They also performed a cover of "Cash Car Star" and three
originals. Daring to play three songs of their own, they captured
the true spirit of Act IV, which is to not only pay tribute to The
Smashing Pumpkins, but to promote new music as well. Here is
the original bio for Lost Logic from the Act IV 2001 playbill.

"Lost Logic was formed in Stony Brook, NY sometime in 1999. The
main focus of the group is song composition and performance,
although they do indulge in a cover or two. Each member of the
group has extensive classical training on a multiple of instruments
and has performed across the country.

Lost Logic has appeared in local clubs, band competitions, parties,
and other local events, but is looking for more extensive touring
opportunties for the near future

Rob Paterson-Vocals, Guitar
Matt Abramo: Bass, Back up vocals
Jeff Braunbreuther-Drums

Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, VAST,
Primus, Nirvana, Staind.

Special Thanks:
Lost Logic would like to thank: Our families, our "road crew",
Steven and David Pukin, Neil Main, The Metro Staff, and all the
artists who have sacrificed their time/energy/soul in order to create
amazing music.

Message to the Ghost Children:
We would also like to thank all of the Ghost Children who have
supported Act 4 and The Smashing Pumpkins throughout the
In 2002, Rob Paterson, Lost Logic's lead singer, retook the Metro
stage for the second Act IV. This time he peformed a solo
acoustic set. Intergrating live sampling with his acoustic guitar
and vocals, Rob put on one of the most memorable performances
in Act IV's short history. For several years, Rob dedicated himself to
djing in the underground music scene, but since 2006 he also got into
more experimental rock with a new project called Multiple Mono.

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