Act IV Profiles- Lindsey Kuper
Making her live debut at Act IV was this impressive, singer-
songwriter, put it all on the line and was the only performer in the
first show to perform on her own. She made an impression on all,
and her commitment to Act IV as an organization makes her an
important part of the show's ongoing history.
Here is the original bio for Lindsey from the Act IV 2001 playbill:

"When Lindsey was sixteen, she was frustrated, depressed, and
rather terrified of music in general. Then she accidentally
discovered The Smashing Pumpkins one day while at camp in
Grinnell, a small town in her home state of Iowa, and life would
never be the same. Today Lindsey, is nineteen and a music major
at Grinnell College, in the town where the Pumpkins became her
favorite band three years ago. She sings, plays the piano, writes
songs, and rawks out on a regular basis.

Lindsey- Piano and Vocals

I like to think that I've been influenced a little, one way or another,
by every note of music I've ever heard. But more specifically,
listening to the amazing Mike Garson has been a great inspiration
and a challenge to me as a pianist. And Billy and the Pumpkins,
of course: though I rarely go for a Pumpkins sound, I always shoot
for a Pumpkins kind of feel.

Special Thanks:
My parents for putting up with me playing Ruby over and over and
over. Maya Kuper for hours standing in line and years of
understanding. Steven Pukin and all the people who made Act 4
happen for their tireless hard work. Jeff Bainbridge for your
bottomless well of knowledge and support. Nick Lloyd and Rachel
Haile for being great friends. Beau Anderson and Ben Skjerven
for two concerts I'll never forget. Lauren Hickman for my first
glance through the keyhole. Grinnell College and the Department
of Music for giving me the keys and the Pumpkins for opening the
doors and showing me that I had nothing to fear from music and
everything to gain.

Thank you one and all.
In 2002, Lindsey Kuper joined South Africa's Ketamine onstage
for a performance of "Disarm". She has appeared on numerous
compilations, played at countless shows, and had joined forces
with musical partners in crime, guitarist, Tanny Phillips and
a drummer, J.P. Ramos for a few years. Most recently, she has
relocated to Portland, and continues to work on new solo material, as
well as reworking old songs through her online podcast, Shoebox
Full of Tapes

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