Act IV Profiles- Kill Hannah
Back in 2001, Chicago's Kill Hannah headlined a memorable
inaugural Act IV concert. Playing 3 SP covers ("Stand Inside
Your Love", "Cherub Rock", + "Snail"), as well as two
originals ("Kennedy" and "Ten More Minutes"), they
captured the hearts and minds of many of the concert
goers. For some of the fans, that came from across the world,
this was the first glimpse they got of the up-and-coming band.
Though we may never know the impact of Act IV on Kill
Hannah's career, Kill Hannah made a definite impact on
Act IV. The band helped us sell out Metro and raise money
for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Here is the original bio for
Kill Hannah, taken from the Act IV 2001 Playbill:

"Emerging out of the Chicago Music Scene comes Kill
Hannah. Inspired by the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins,
David Bowie, Depeche Mode, The Pixies, among others they
bring a fresh sound to the pop-saturated music industry.
Headed by vocalist and guitarist Mat Devine, they seem to be
on the verge of of breaking through. Kill Hannah incorporates
electronic elements and blazing guitars to form the core of
their sound. If their success in their hometown is any
indication, Kill Hannah maybe the next big thing to come out
of Chicago

Mat Devine-Vocals and Guitars
Greg Corner-Bass
Jonathan Radtke-Lead Guitar, Keyboards, and Backing vocals.
Dan Weise-Guitar and Backing Vocals
Garret Hammond-Drums

Thanks To Joe Shannahan.
To The Fans: Good music is in very short supply lately. Radio
is dead, and it seems like America produces only one truly
great band per decade.-So we share your enthusiasm for this
tribute to the Pumpkins. They're a completely rare band, and
a big part of why we decided to stay in Chicago"
In 2002, Kill Hannah signed a record deal with Atlantic Records.
This resulted in their first major label release, "For Never and
Ever", which hit shelves in the US in October 2003. The singles
off their album are "Kennedy" and "Unwanted". To buy the album,
go here. In 2006, they released another album, "Until There is
Nothing To Left of Us", with the single, "Lips Like Morphine. That
album can be bought here. This was also followed-up by a self-released DVD entitled, "Welcome to Chicago", and in late
2007, with a new EP, entitled, "Hope for the Hopeless" (also self-
released). Info on those releases can be found at KH's website.
Spring 2008 sees the band touring Europe.
Added March 4th, 2004

Selected songs for download:
"Snail" (cut),
"Kennedy" (cut), and "Stand Inside Your
-all live at Act IV 2001.

"...unlike me, they are the future of Chicago rock. Ladies and
Gentleman, Kill Hannah"-Billy Corgan introducing Kill Hannah at
Act IV-The Echo Rings Forever On, July 7, 2001

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