Act IV Profiles- Ketamine
Ketamine's relationship with Act IV goes back to 2001 when they
submitted demos for the first concert and subsequently were
chosen to perform at the concert. The band returned to the Metro
stage the following year as well. Without a major headliner, the
organizers chose a familiar face, this immensely talented South
African band, to take on the headlining spot. The band left their
mark on Act IV 2002, leading the crowd into a frenzy during their
original song, "Reflect in You", and rocking out to their ending set
jam of SP's "Silverfuck" and "XYU". Here is the original bio for
Ketamine taken from the Act IV 2002 Playbill:

"Formed by Jason Every and Shannon Mackenzie in January 2001,
when now co-manager, Lorna Goodman informed them about Act
IV. Ketamine submitted demos for selection, and six months later
found themselves on their way to Chicago.

For the concert, they invited James Warr (drums) and Paul van
Gendt (bass) to join them. Their recording sessions resulted in
their first two demos, including a cover of "Disarm", found on the
Ghost Children CD.

Ketamine performed to a sell-out crowd at the Metro in only their
second performance. As a result of their performance, Ketamine
was approached by Smashing Pumpkins' recording engineer, Bjorn
Thorsrud, who has invited Ketamine to work with him on developing
their material.

Ketamine are currently working on pre-production of their material,
and playing live shows in South Africa, from which they have
elicited great reviews from the South African Press. In April 2002,
they played the main stage at Splashy Fen, South Africa's biggest
music festival.

Shannon Mackenzie-lead vocals, keyboards, programming
Jason Every-guitars, backing vocals, programming
Dirk Slabbert-Bass
Matthew Jordaan-Drums"
In 2003, Mattthew Jordaan left Ketamine but they acquired two
talented musicians, Barry Corden (guitars) and Gareth Gale
(drums) later that year. Bjorn Thorsrud visited the band in South
Africa during December 2003, to record their material. The result
was 2004's 5 song EP, "A Perfect World". Their first single off the
EP, "In The Shape of A Heart" hit South African airwaves on
June 27th, 2004. With continual critical acclaim, being selected
to play on Splashy Fen's main stage for three years straight, and
the release of their first EP, the future looked bright for the band.
Unfortunately, they disbanded in 2006. Shannon is currently working
on demos for a solo career, while Jason is part of a new band,
Stealing Love Jones. Jason's new band will be touring the USA from
February to April 2008, and will start working on an album with Bjorn

Updated January 21, 2007

Selected songs for download:
"Ava Adore" (Act IV 2002 demo),
"The Everlasting Gaze"
(live at Act IV 2001)
,"1979" (live at Act IV 2001)

-Watch exclusive videos from the Act IV 2002 DVD by Ketamine:"Bullet with Butterfly Wings" and "Disarm"
-Watch their original, "Reflect in You" at Myspace

-Also, download Ketamine's cover "Disarm" from the
Ghost Children CD.
-To buy Ketamine's new EP, "A Perfect World", please email
the band
-To listen to tracks from Ketamine's EP, tune into Rock
Invasion Radio

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