Act IV 2003 Shortlist Profiles- Frequency Fall
"Very melodic and catchy in a may-the-world-be-damned kind
of way" -

If the members of Radiohead copulated with a robot
Soundgarden cover band while Jeff Buckley played softly in
the background the progeny would most certainly be
Frequency Fall. Combining the driving rhythms and guitar
barrage of early 1990’s alternative rock with a song
writing style that often falls just to the left of
mainstream sensibilities, Frequency Fall has a simple
approach to rock…that rock itself shouldn’t be so simple.

With live shows hailed as “intense” by fans, and a new full
full length CD entitled Resensitize to follow up last year’s
Evagation EP, the future looks promising for Frequency Fall.
The musical ability of the band members comes shining
through in live situations and the energy with which they tear
through their tunes often raises even the most jaded eyebrow
in the venue. The band has settled in happily to it musical
niche just off of the mainstream radar. It's a place where they
swing a little more and they rock a little harder.

Frequency Fall is on a mission to continue its invasion of the
mass musical consciousness with shows throughout 2003. So
keep your ear to the ground...Frequency Fall is on its away.

Band Line-up:
Travis Clark - guitar, vocals
Ryan Betts - drums
Aaron Clark - guitar
Jen Carnahan - bass

Influences on Frequency Fall: Pretty wide ranging as each of
the band members listens to their own style of music in their
their free time. Anything from Radiohead, Tool, Smashing
Pumpkins, Jeff Buckley, Sonic Youth, Beatles, Tea Party,
Genesis, REM, etc.

Special Thanks to the often overlooked and forgotten little
moments in life that shape and inspire all that we do. And a
thank you to all who regularly go out to rock shows and help to
keep the music alive and well, and who take the time to search
for music of importance beneath the glossy, prefabricated
sounds that are so often spoon-fed to us over the airwaves.

Message to the Ghost Children
: As musicians it is fantastic to
see the power and importance of the musical legacy left behind
by the Smashing Pumpkins. Pumpkins fans are nuts, and as a
band we can only hope to be deserving of such a loyal
following ourselves in the not-to-distant future. It's your
enthusiasm and devotion that makes rock music what it is, and
gives rock music its meaning. Thank you so much for that, and
may you continue to love and appreciate all types of music until
the end of your days (and beyond).

Check out their website

Selected songs for download:
Added April 26, 2003
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Update: Since 2003, Frequency Fall's bassist has changed
to Malcolm White. In 2003, they released their first album,
Resensitize. The band also released a follow-up EP, Volition
in 2004. Both releases are available on, just follow
the links to listen to clips from each release. As of February
2005, the band has added a third guitarist, Steve Flach.

In 2006, a remastered version of their "Saturnine" demo appeared
on the Ghost Children 2/Friends and Enemies compilation. Fans
of the band still await their final album release, Everything Now.
You can hear two preview tracks from that album, "Relapse"
and "The Rats Have Won" on their myspace page.

Also, be sure to check out Frequency Fall's original incarnation,
UnderWeb Effect. Their profile includes more demos, as well
as exclusive video footage from their performance during Act IV
2002. The video is a sneak peak to the Act IV 2002 DVD which
was released in 2005.

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