Act IV Profiles- Christophe Thibault
Before there was Analogue, Christophe submitted a demo for the
first Act IV with his friend, Olivier. Despite only submitting one
demo, Christophe was a sure lock for the show with their rendition
of "Moleasskiss". The demo was so good, that it was also chosen
by Neil Main to be on the Ghost Children CD, and it is regarded by
many as even better than the original Pumpkins song. With an
amazing drummer, Chris Dean in tow, Christophe's band played
the ending acoustic set. The trio proved that you can still rock with
out the distortion guitars and heavy drums of the electric set.
Some highlights from the show include their performances of
"Frail and Bedazzled", "Moleasskiss/Blue", and "Rocket". Here is
the original bio for Christophe Thibault from the Act IV 2001 playbill:

"Christophe Thibault is originally from Paris, France. Playing along
is Olivier Cuzacq from Toulouse, France. They both moved to San
Francisco, 2 years ago.

Christophe Thibault-Vocals, Guitar
Oliver Cuzacq-Guitar
Chris Dean-Drums

Influences: Smashing Pumpkins, Filter, Radiohead, Aphex Twin,
Jeff Buckley, Amon Tobin, Led Zepplin, Pixies, Sonic Youth,
Velvet Underground, Soundgarden.

Christophe would like to thank:'My parents, Isabelle, JL, All of the
Nullsoft Team :)
Oliver greets: My family, Victor, AprilFish, Ram Jam, Pask, Village
People and Chocapic."
After Act IV 2001, the trio became a full band, Analogue. In 2002,
they were joined by Josh Lubensky at bass, and replacing Olivier
(after moving back to France for business), was Paul Bubbo. They
were later selected to play in the Electric Set for Act IV 2002.
Since then, the lineup has changed, and Analogue is currently
working on their first EP.
Added September 13th, 2004

Selected songs for download:
"Rocket" (live at Act IV 2001),
and "A-D-F" (2001 demo)
-To get the best of Christophe at Act IV 2001, please buy
Still Coming Together.
-Also, download Christophe's cover of "Moleasskiss" from the
Ghost Children CD.

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