Act IV 2003 Shortlist Profiles- Autumn Shade
Autumn Shade is a triangle of musicians based out of Tulsa,
Oklahoma that formed in September 2002, yet they have been
involved with many other bands for the past 3 years. Originally, it was
perceived as a solo act out of discouragement toward finding
dedicated musicians but soared into a different idea causing 2 guys
and 1 girl to collaborate their musical styles into a unique blend of
sounds. An acoustic guitar, bongo drum, and bass intertwine with the
haunting vocals to create an almost Celtic Rock; experimenting with
different cultures of music and instruments.

Spontaneous bursts of musical energy are not rare on their stage
performances, letting the music grasp them to give breath to the
creation. At times, it's almost like they go into a strange daze
entering an unearthly mindset as they improvise their harmony of their
instruments. They have an ambitious desire to embrace the beauty of
music, stripping down the raw complexity of emotions into melody
and expression; taking a visionary and poetic direction to the lyrics.
Merely, they love music as much as music can be loved.

Band Lineup:
Jes Lenee- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass
Cliff-Bass,Guitar, Background Vocals
Wes Rowe- Drums, Bongos

Influences: Smashing Pumpkins, Bright Eyes, Portishead,
Tori Amos, Zwan, The Children's Hour, Lorena McKennit, Bjork,
Beethoven, Radiohead, Coldplay, Jack Kerouac's poetry, nature,
and many others.

Check out their website

Selected song for download:
"Jennifer Ever"

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