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After a successful set at Act IV 2001, the Christophe Thibault trio
became Analogue. When they took the stage at the beginning of the Electric Set, no one knew what hit them, one member of Metro's staff even remarked that they played at a level that would have normally been reserved for a headliner. From the blistering "Thru the Eyes of Ruby" to the soft "Set the Ray to Jerry", Analogue revealed their ability to rock in any dynamic. Here is their original profile from the Act IV 2002 Playbill (the profile available in print has Paul Bubbo, the new guitarist in Olivier's place):

The three founding members of Analogue met at a bar called the Tunnel Top in San Francisco, after guitarist, Christophe Thibault and Olivier Cuzacq had yet to find a drummer for the original Act IV show after an exhaustive search. As they were about to call it quits, a drummer named Chris Dean came into the bar and proceeded to tap the beat of "I Am One" on the bar top as it blared out of the jukebox. They knew that they had found their drummer. After further bad luck, including finding their basement flooded and almost all their equipment ruined that night, they became a trio under the name, "Christophe Thibault". After playing a rockin' set at Act IV, they would later add Josh Lubenskyas their bassist (who they met backstage at a SF bar), and become the band, Analogue. In the wake of recently winning a battle of the bands at a bar in San Francisco, Analogue plans to help rock the Metro once

Band Lineup:
Christophe Thibault- guitar and vocals
Olivier Cuzacq- guitars
Joshua Lubensky- bass
Chris Dean- drums

Influences: Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Soundgarden, U2, Radiohead,Sigur Ros, Chemical Brothers, The Bee Gees

Christophe: To Me, Myself, and I
Olivier: To No One
Josh: To My Truck
Chris: To Jason Hedrick for his continued support as a friend, drummer, and spirtual guide. I would also like to thank Jimmy Chamberlin for his work, his beats fire me up everyday and give me a reason to live.

Message to the Ghost Children: Keep on keepin' it real. Your love of music and support pushes us to be better musicians daily. We truly love the Pumpkins, and if you do too, then we love you.
For Act IV 2002, Olivier had to bow out of the show and was replaced by guitarist, Paul Bubbo had joined the band full time due to Oliver's departure from the band. In 2003, drummer Chris Dean left the band and was replaced by drummer, Chris Teeters. The former members of Analogue have gone their separate ways. Chris Teeters is currently working on his own solo material. Paul Bubbo has resumed work with his original band, Cancel, which he started 12 years ago.
"Set The Ray To Jerry" performed live by Analogue at Act IV 2002

"Thru the Eyes of Ruby" performed live by Analogue at Act IV 2002

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