Ghost Children: A Tribute To The Smashing Pumpkins
Download all 14 tracks from Ghost Children below
(All files are 320 kbps, 44 khz mp3s-NEWLY UPGRADED from the previous 128 kbps mp3s). The digital edition of the Ghost Children compilation is generously hosted by Laurence Skegg on behalf of Act IV:

01. Lost Logic-"Glass and the Ghost Children"
02. Divine Invasion-"Siva"
03. Gloomy Art Rawk-"Starla"
04. Nick Liappis-"Rhinoceros"
05. Interstate 8-"Drown"
06. Ketamine-"Disarm"
07. Lindsey Kuper-"Home"
08. The 4th Phase-"Medellia of the Grey Skies"
09. Sebastian A. Bach-"Stand Inside Your Love"
10. Christophe Thibault-"Moleasskiss"
11. Icarus-"If There is a God"
12. D'arcy (the band)-"Eye"
13. João Miguel-"Heavy Metal Machine"
14. Slightly Dysfunctional-"Mayonaise"

Purchase Info
Price: Suggested donation is $5-10 for downloading the CD in part or in it's entirety. All proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois! Free Web Stats in real-time !
Release Info
Release Date: July 7, 2001
Origin: United Kingdom
Pressing Info: First Pressing-Limited Edition of 200 copies, all hand-numbered (#001-#200). CD fascia akin to the front cover design
-Second Pressing-Also 200 copies and hand numbered (#201-#400). CD fascia displays image of Billy Corgan’s face akin to the Act IV 2001 flyer artwork (image courtesy of Richard Every)

Production Info: Compilation produced by Neil Main.
-Artwork design and concept by Neil Main. Loosely inspired by artwork by Vasily Kafanov for Machina/The Machines of God.

Additional Notes: A 'for the fans by the fans' tribute compilation created and organized by Neil Main with the support of the Act IV organizers. Ghost Children was sold as a companion CD at the first Act IV show at the Metro in Chicago. Upon the endorsement of Billy Corgan at the show, the CD promptly sold out. Corgan also praised the CD on the official SP boards following the show (see below).

-Due to overwhelming demand, Neil Main commissioned a second edition that was sold online through his website in late 2001.

-An MTV article posted after Act IV mistakenly labeled Act IV creator, Steven Pukin as the organizer of Ghost Children.

-All profits from the sale of each edition went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northern Illinois.

-A follow-up, Ghost Children 2/Friends and Enemies was organized by Act IV with the support of Neil Main.
Billy Corgan on the Official SP boards (7/15/01)
7/15/01-Here I am Today:
so here I am today, driving around in my rent a car when I think (to myself, of course) maybe I should give a listen to this ghost children cd that has been sitting there for a few days, so...I pop it in and I have to say I'M IMPRESSED...yes me, the unimpressable william patrick corgan the 2nd (depending on who you ask) was shockingly surprised at how good this cd turned out…so let me today sing the praises yet again to everyone who put together and participated in the charity show here in chicago last week AND to thank all the artists who put so much time and effort into recording our songs...for those of you who have not had a chance to hear the limited edition ghost children cd (mine is #46 of 200) you should try to get a copy OR maybe the fine people who organized it can do a second is really well done, and you can really hear the heart of everyone involved...I can't say enough good things about this last week...I always felt we had the greatest fans in the world, but now I am convinced...hopefully july 7 can always be a day where we celebrate the history of the band and take time to reach out and help others...everyone here has helped make this the premier music web site in the world, and it is only because of the die-hard fans wit and intelligence hat we are kept so on our toes (all the time) let me say, without regret and with complete sincerity, thank you...

bc p.s. we will have official greatest hits/dvd news in the next week or so, so...stay tuned! I was sifting thru old tapes
last night and we've got a few surprises (some I'd even forgotten about).