Ghost Children/Machines of God
Listen to 30-45 preview clips of each EP track below (Note to mobile users: You may need to 'zoom in' to view players properly):

01. The iOs-"Set The Ray To Jerry"

02. Julio and Jessica-"Ma Belle"

03. Laden Angel-"Stand Inside Your Love"

04. Analogue-"Meladori Magpie"

05. Lindsey Kuper and Tanny Phillips-"Soma"

06. Adrian Bunn-"Obscured"*

07. Prophets for Zombies-"Quiet"*

08. Michael Taylor Alexander-"Jennifer Ever"*

Purchase Info
Price: FREE with the purchase of the Ghost Children 2/Friends and Enemies charity compilation

When you purchase Ghost Children 2, you will receive exclusive access to this digital EP, along with the new Ghost Children and the Infinite Sadness EP as a part of a special Ghost Children bundle. That's 26+ tracks for the price of 13! You will usually receive an e-mail containing a download link within 24 hours of your purchase!

All profits from the sale of Ghost Children 2 will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois
Release Info
Release Date: February 21, 2010 (Version 1.0)
Version 2.0: April 4, 2012
Origin: Canada/USA
Pressing Info: This is a special digital only release. No physical CD copies exist.

Production Info: EP produced by Act IV. An exclusive digital EP presented by Act IV. Version 1.0 was originally presented by Act IV and Blamo/Siva, who provided the secure webspace for people to download the EP.
-Art design and layout by David and Steven Pukin. Cover art based upon original artwork by Kate Fuller created for Ghost Children 2/Friends and Enemies.

Additional Notes: The EP was created as an exclusive bonus for SP fans purchasing Ghost Children 2.

-Track 1 appears on Ghost Children 2.
-Track 2 is from the Act IV/ Zeitgeist Cover Song Contest.
-Track 3 is a previously unreleased Ghost Children 2 outtake.
-Track 4 is a previously unreleased track by Act IV 2002 alumni, Analogue.
-Track 5 is a previously unreleased track featuring Act IV 2001 alumni, Lindsey Kuper.

*Version 2.0 includes three additional tracks compromising the winners of the Act IV/ SP: The Early Years Cover Song Contest:
-Track 6 was the 'Best Cover Song' as selected by the Selection Committee.
-Track 7 was the 'Fan Favorite Cover' as selected by the fans.
-Track 8 was the 'Best New Interpretation of A Song' as selected by BILLY CORGAN.

Version 1.0 was presented by Act IV and Due to recent website changes at Blamo, Version 2.0 is being brought exclusively to you by Act IV. Free Web Stats in real-time !