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Act IV 2002 Shortlist Bands

Bands who played the show are marked with a *
Final Band List:
Almost Acoustic Set:
-Semi-Automatic Love Slave* (Profile)
-Neil Main (of Icarus)* (Profile)
-Rob Paterson* (Profile)

Electric Set:

-Analogue (Profile)*
-Straylight (Profile)*
-UnderWeb Effect*(Profile)
-Ketamine (Profile)*

-Gloomy Art Rawk+
-Brain Rakes+
-John Mark Nickels
-Michael Kwolek

+Both of these bands were originally slated to play the show but had to pull out of the show, and were replaced
by UnderWeb Effect and Straylight

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-Audio/video from Act IV-The Machines Resume concert:
[Acoustic Set] [Electric Set] [Buy the Act IV 2002 DVD]

-View pictures from Act IV 2002

This was the 2nd and final Act IV charity concert, which took
place at Metro on July 5, 2002. The 'alternates' are artists that
made the shortlist but not the final list for the show

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