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This was the inaugral Act IV charity concert, which took place
at Metro in Chicago on July 7, 2001. The 'alternates' are bands/
musicians who made it on the shortlist but did not make the
final list for the show (ie they did not perform at the show).
Act IV 2001 Shortlist Bands
Bands who played the show are marked with a *
Final Band List:
Acoustic Set:
-*Robyn (Profile)
-*Lindsey Kuper (Profile)
-*Christophe Thibault (Profile)

Electric Set:
-*Lost Logic (Profile)
-*D'arcy (the band) (Profile)
-*Ketamine (Profile)
-*Kill Hannah (Profile)

-Interstate 8
-Neon 21
-Trunk Full of Daisies
-Straylight (Profile)
-Divine Invasion
-Sebastian's Moon
-Andrew Shaw
-John Mark Nickels
-Quinn and Erin
-Myonesha (Kevin Bowman)
-Spaceboy 365
-Stacey Hankins

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