Act IV 2002 Live DVD Set

Release Info
Release Date:August 29, 2005
Origin: Canada
Pressing Info: Individually created and duplicated, especially made for each order.

Production Info: Produced by Act IV Entertainment
-Directed by Jason Hedrick. Video filmed by Jason Hedrick
and Liz Schrage. Additional concert and documentary footage by Stacey Hankins.
-Edited by Jason Hedrick, David Pukin, and Steven Pukin.
-Cover art by Richard Every. Art design and layout by David and Steven Pukin
-Photos by Irene Tien.
-Soundboard audio recording by Chicago Recording Company on July 5, 2002 @ Metro in Chicago, Illinois

Additional Notes: Bonus audio documentaries recorded and produced by Maya Kuper in 2003 and later broadcast on WNUR
-Act IV radio ad recorded and produced by Steven Pukin and later broadcast on 93.3 CFMU.
-Act IV preview show was an episode of JBTV produced by Jerry Bryant, originally broadcast in July 2002, prior to Act IV 2002. Features interview segments by Jerry Bryant of Act IV representatives, Jaime De'Medici and Neil Main. The original broadcast included Smashing Pumpkins concert footage but for the purposes of the DVD, this material was edited out. Only the Act IV material is included.
-Video featurettes recorded by David and Steven Pukin in Toronto during 2005. Free Web Stats in real-time !
Release Info
Disc 1-Almost Acoustic Set
Live Performances by:

-Semi-Automatic Love Slave, Neil Main with Glider, and Rob

Disc 2-Electric Set (Part 1)
Live Perfomances by

-Interviews/Backstage with members of SALS, Neil Main with
Glider, Rob Paterson, and Analogue by Stacey Hankins.
-Act IV 2001 and 2002 radio documentaries by Maya Kuper.

-Act IV Explained (Watch this video on Myspace)
-The Missing Tapes -why there is no Act IV 2001 DVD.
-Why Glider?-the reason Glider got to play with Neil Main.
-Whir x 2???-why "Whir" was played by SALS and Straylight.
-Where are they Now?-from SALS to Analogue

Volume 2
Disc 3-Electric Set (Part 2)
Live Performances by:
-UnderWeb Effect and Straylight

Disc 4-Electric Set (Part 3)
Live Performances by:

-Interviews with Ketamine and Lindsey Kuper by Stacey
-Ketamine: Revisted-why they headlined, why "Disarm" was
played for a 2nd year, and how Lindsey got involved.
-Where are they now?-From Straylight to Ketamine
-The End is the Beginning is the End-Act IV's creator talks
about the future/end of Act IV, and the criteria that might
make another concert happen.

From the Archives:
-Bjorn Thorsrud/Ketamine radio interview-Bjorn Thorsrud, SP
producer/engineer and Shannon Mackenzie, lead singer of
Ketamine discuss Act IV and Bjorn's future work with the
band (recorded-August 2001).
-Act IV 2002 preview show (video)
-Act IV 2002 radio ad (produced by Steven Pukin)
-Act IV 2001 and 2002 Playbills (in pdf format, only accessible through DVD players on PC + MAC).
-Ending Credits
Purchase Info
Price: This release is no longer available. They were not commercially released but made to order. It's just become too expensive to create individual copies. However, to watch all the performances from Act IV 2002, we have an entire playlist devoted to the concert at our Act IV Youtube!