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Act IV 2002-Almost Acoustic Set
Semi-Automatic Love Slave
02.Tonight, Tonight (Watch the video)
03.Medellia of the Grey Skies (Watch the video)
04.Whir (Video on Youtube)
05.Age of Innocence    

Neil Main w/ Glider
06. Intro
07. Let Me Give the World to You (Watch the video)
08. Love is*
09. Rocket
10. For Martha

Rob Paterson
11. Intro
12. To Sheila (Watch the Video)
13. Galapogos  (Video on Youtube)
14. Let Go* w/Ugly (tease) (Video on myspace)
15. Eye (Watch the Video)

Recorded @ Metro in Chicago on July 5th, 2002.

Audio recorded through soundboard by Chicago Recording
Video filmed by Jason Hedrick (Director) and Liz Schrage
(videographer). Additional concert and documentary footage
by Stacey Hankins. Editing by Jason Hedrick, David Pukin,
and Steven Pukin. Video samples hosted by Laurence Skegg.

*denotes an original song. All video samples are encoded in
WMV and MOV formats unless otherwise noted. They are
encoded in a 320x240 resolution and have either 32 khz or
44 khz audio.

Act IV 2002 leaflet and playbill graphic design by Richard

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