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Act IV 2001-Acoustic Set
Robyn Del Rosario
01. Intro
02. Muzzle (intro cut)
03. Age of Innocence
04. Once Upon A Time
05. Daydream (partial-abandoned)

Lindsey Kuper
06. Intro
07. Home (intro cut)
08. The Song Nobody Knows*
09. If There Is A God
10. Thru the Eyes of Ruby

Christophe Thibault
11. Intro
12. Rocket (Video clip 1, 2, 3)
13. Moleasskiss/Blue (w/The Blessing Song tease*)
(Video clip 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
14. Frail and Bedazzled (Video clip 1, 2, 3, 4)
Recorded @ Metro in Chicago on July 7th, 2001. Audio
recorded on mini-disc by Dave Corkle, and on DAT by Metro
sound crew. DAT recordings only include all of Lost Logic,
Ketamine, and most of D'arcy's (the band) set, as well as
Billy's Speech. Cuts are mostly due to skips in the mini-disc.
The mini-disc also excludes some intros and Lost Logic's
"Cash Car Star".

DAT and mini-disc recordings were mixed to the best
possible quality by Christophe Thibault for the now sold-out
Still Coming Together: The Best of Act IV 2001. Additional
audio mixing by Ian Roegels(#) and the Act IV staff.

*denotes an original song. All audio is 128 kbps, 44 khz mp3s.
Audio hosted by Laurence Skegg and Christophe Thibault.
Video clips by Jason Hedrick (160 x 120 resolution).

Leaflet and Playbill graphic design by Richard Every.
Video filmed by Rebecca Salgado and her crew. Additional
documentary footage by Meghan Clark, as well as small
clips taken by Jason Hedrick using a small digital camera.
To this day the full Act IV 2001 footage (aside from Jason's
footage) has never been recovered due to an apparent "mail
mix-up" from the hands of the director to us.

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